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A complex building with office for lease, shopping mall and foodcourt,  was built on the area of 16000 m2
About Office for lease

MIRAE Business Center building is managed by Dong Han Investment and Development company. It is located in the center of District 10 where has many companies, shopping mall, foodcourt …….

 MIRAE Business Center, a complex building with office for lease, shopping mall and foodcourt,  was built on the area of 16000 m2 comprising 4 storeys with the 3 metter height. The building is styled opening space to meet “the thirst of nature” demands. From all views of the building, the tenants can obtain full of sunrise light and can view outside panorama that not all buildings can satisfy above criteria. The building was designed basing on Feing-Fui philosophy and these applications of Feing-Fui. Morever, along the lobby lounges, green trees are set and placed to bring the natural feeling to the building and make it cooler and more comfortable. The building is equipped with exterior and interior illuminating, central high capacity ventilating and air conditioners, fire alarming and extinguishing systems and four exit staircases.

We, MIRAE Business center,  always consider the philosophy “Customer is the God” to be the business purpose,, MIRAE provides customers the perfect and abundant services to satisfy customer’s increasing professionalism. These services include the professional 24/24 night-day security service, 6 modern and elegant elevators, one load elevator, high back-up power (1600KVA), telecommunication systems by three reputed providers (VNPT, FPT, Viettel), large parking lot (capacity of 15000 motorbikes). Besides these services, our staff such as professional receptionists, sanitary workers with specialized equipments always gives the best for MIRAE quality.

The building was designed to adapt all tenants’s multi-choices. The leasing squares range from 50m2 to 4000m2, suitable for the variety of multipurpose uses. Especially, the 1st floor is the biggest shopping mall, foodcourt and business center in the district 10.MIRAE is a prospective business opportunity for every tenants.

You will develop well your affair and have good performances, prosperous works when you choose MIRAE as MIRAE always accompanies with your success.

General information 
  Location 268 To Hien Thanh District 10
  Developer Dong Han Company
  Building GradeGrade B only
  Storey number

5 storeys: Ground floor, 1-4th floor with over 16.000 m2. Each floor: over 3.000 m2

  Parking lot Large area for parking (cars and motobikes)
Power Requirements and Redundancy 
Back-up Power
Generator Capability for whole building: 1,600 KVA
 1) Redundancy for Office Power Supply, Common Areas, Safety Systems
2) Automatic Transfer Switch (10-20 second transfer/ delay)
3)  Have power back-up for building air-conditioning
Cơ sở hạ tầng 
 Telecom: telephone, internet, fax……VNPT, Viettel, FPT, SPT….
 Number of Toilets

Common Area Toilets: 13 female toilet cubicles, 6 male toilet cubicles, 5 male urinals for each storey.

 Live + Dead Load Requirements (structural loading per square meter)

300~320 kg/sqm
 Thang máy

5 lifts with  1,000~1,500 kg capacity per lift (15 to 20 passengers) and 1 service lift

 Fire evacuation exits5 per floor
 Fire protection systemsSprinkler System, Enunciator, FHCs, Class 2 FEs
 Building Security System Physical Security, Security Manpower deployed in common areas
 OtherNearest Police Station, Fire station


Office for lease

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